TBMDA1 - Modulated Wideband Driver Amplifier

  • $299.00

The TBMDA1 modulated wideband driver amplifier is designed in order to create an inexpensive signal source for immunity testing of electronic building blocks and products. It is designed to be driven by the tracking generator output of spectrum analyzers. With its gain of 22 dB and 1dB compression point of +22dBm, it can boost the output power of a tracking generator up to 150mW. The TBMDA1 is ideal to drive Tekbox near field probes in order to find the sensitive spot of an electronic circuit or to create electric fields up to 50V/m when driving the Tekbox TEM Cell TBTC1, 25V/m when driving the TBTC2 or 18V/m when driving the TBTC3. Test signals for immunity testing can be CW, AM or PM. Consequently, the TBMDA1 provides built in modulation capability to generate 1kHz AM or PM signals. In PM mode, the TBMDA1 can also generate a 217Hz Signal with 12.5% duty cycle in order to simulate mobile phone TDMA noise.


  • CW amplifier (modulation off)
  • 1 kHz, 80% AM modulation
  • 1 kHz, 50% duty cycle pulse modulation
  • 217 Hz, 12.5% duty cycle pulse modulation


Input: 50 Ohm, SMA female
50 Ohm, SMA female
Nominal supply Voltage:
5V, typ. 235mA, Mini-USB-B connector
Maximum supply voltage:
Maximum input power:
1dB output compression point @ 40MHz:
1dB output compression point @ 2 GHz:
3rd order output intercept point @ 40 MHz:
3rd order output intercept point @ 2 GHz:
Reverse isolation S12:
Noise Figure:
3 … 4 dB
Internal modulation frequency AM:
1 kHz  ±10%
Internal modulation frequencies PM:
1 kHz  ±10%, 217 Hz ±20%
Duty cycle, PM:
50% ±10% @ 1 kHZ; 12.5% ±20% @ 217 Hz


25 MHz

50 MHz

100 MHz

500 MHz

1 GHz

1.5 GHz

2 GHz

2.5 GHz

3 GHz

21.6 dB

24.9 dB

25.5 dB

25.6 dB

24.9 dB

24.1 dB

22.2 dB

22.8 dB

25.8 dB


  • general purpose gain block
  • signal source for immunity testing, driving near field probes
  • signal source for immunity testing, driving TEM Cells


TBMDA1 manual