TBBCI1-800K420 snap-on bulk current injection probe

  • $1,490.00

The TBBCI1-800K420 is a snap-on Bulk Current Injection probe, expanding the Tekbox product range of affordable EMC pre-compliance test equipment.

The BCI probe has been designed primarily for conducted immunity testing of automotive products in the frequency range 1 MHz to 400 MHz, according to standard ISO11452-4. The insertion loss is 5 dB for most of its bandwidth. In the frequency range 250 kHz to 230 MHz it is compliant with the insertion loss specification of  ISO11452-4. The probe is individually characterized and usable in the frequency range 10 kHz – 450 MHz. The probe can be used to inject severity levels I (25mA), II (50mA, III (75mA), IV (100mA) and customer specific severity level V up to 500 mA.

The probe can also be used for RF current monitoring applications.

The aperture of the RF current monitoring probe is 27 mm. The typical insertion loss is 5 dB and the typical transfer impedance is 26 dB Ohm.

A suitable calibration fixture can be ordered here.


  • Compliance: ISO11452-4 frequency range above 250 kHz, IEC / EN 61000-4-6 insertion loss specification for BCI clamps
  • Characterized frequency range: 10 kHz to 500 MHz
  • Insertion loss: 5 dB typ.; 50 Ohm system (100 Ohm loop impedance)
  • Transfer impedance: 29 dB Ohm typ.; 50 Ohm system (100 Ohm loop impedance)
  • Power rating: capable of injecting severity levels I, II, III, IV according to ISO 11452 and customer specified level V up to 500 mA
  • Max. core temperature: 80 °C
  • Connector type: N female
  • Aperture diameter: 27 mm
  • Outside diameter: 92 mm
  • Height: 76 mm
  • Weight: 1.2 kg