TBHDR1 - High Dynamic Range Amplifier

  • $189.00

The TBHDR1 is a high dynamic range amplifier with a frequency range from 30kHz to 1.5GHz. Its gain is characterized up to 6GHz.
The TBHDR1 has a high IP3 and a low noise figure which makes it an ideal alternative pre-amplifier for spectrum analyzers and receivers in EMC test applications. Due to its low noise figure, high IP3 and gain down to the kHz range it also performs very well as amplifier for active loop antennas.


    Maximum supply voltage: 5.5V
    Maximum input power: +10 dBm
    Input, Output: 50 Ohm, SMA female
    Nominal supply Voltage: 5V, typ. 100mA, Mini-USB-B connector
    1dB output compression point @ 100 MHz: +19.2 dBm typical
    1dB output compression point @ 500 MHz: +19 dBm typical
    1dB output compression point @ 1000 MHz: +18.3 dBm typical
    3rd order output intercept point @ 100 MHz: +38dBm
    3rd order output intercept point @ 500 MHz: +37dBm
    3rd order output intercept point @ 1000 MHz: +33dBm
    Reverse isolation S12: -28dB
    Input matching: 30kHz-1.5GHz < - 16 dB
    Output matching: 30kHz-1.5GHz < - 10 dB
    Noise Figure: 2.7 dB


    30 kHz

    150 kHz

    1 MHz

    100 MHz

    500 MHz

    1 GHz

    1.5 GHz

    3 GHz

    6 GHz

    17.2 dB

    23.6 dB

    24.2 dB

    24 dB

    22.9 dB

    21.1 dB

    19.5 dB

    14.1 dB

    5.3 dB


    • general purpose gain block
    • pre-amplifier in applications with low noise and high IP3 requirements
    • pre-amplifier for spectrum analyzers, especially in EMC pre-compliance test applications
    • Loop antenna amplifier


    TBHDR1 manual